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Foldable DVR Racks

Our 4U Foldable Rack is the ideal storage solution for homes and offices where you want to conceal your tiny electrical devices. It is made of strong metal that has been painted in a white shade to match the walls. Both indoor and outdoor areas can readily accommodate this rack's installation. A key (which is included in the set) can also be used to open and close the locking system on the included 4U Foldable Rack.

4U Foldable Rack

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4U Foldable Rack

When you want to hide your small electronic gadgets at home or offices, then our 4U Foldable Rack is the perfect storage unit. It is constructed from a rigid metal material that is painted in white shade to complement the walls. This rack can be easily installed in both indoor and outdoor locations. Besides, the provided 4U Foldable Rack has a locking system that can be opened and closed by using a key (it comes with the set).

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